The Underground Railroad

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    Tired 3:31
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Chocolate Rock: A Melodically Seductive Sweet Contradiction! 

There is something profoundly right in the simplicity of THE UNDERGROUND RAILROADS approach to music. In an age of technical grind, they have found freedom in one of man's most original forms of expression. This Long Beach trio’s performances showcase their uniquely, individual style, which melds catchy, hook- filled alternative rock and funk, with a slightly off-kilter, sometimes brooding intelligence. It is a style that confuses those looking for easy labels but has won the hearts of their not so genre-specific growing legion of fans.

What shapes the sound of THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD is the friendship the members had before forming. The Ashley/Jones partnership was formed long before the band's inception and the threesome had been members of some of the same bands but at different times. THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD’S Ashley, Jones and Powell honed their skills the old fashion way; slamming it out in the clubs. Their synergistic talents have taken them to stages in foreign lands where their music was the only translator. Their influences, some obvious and some not, have provided them with the insight to understand the importance of the song. As you listen, you will understand. 

The band has continued to perform on a semi-regular basis throughout the years and its members have ventured deep into other musical arenas. Mark Jones and Reggie Ashley became a song writing team that has been creating music for television and the big screen. Reggie Ashley has recorded, mixed and produced eleven albums and served as co-writer on nine of them. His work with Dean Grech placed two singles in the top 10 of the Smooth Jazz Charts and garnered nationwide air play. Koko Powell established himself as a songwriter in his own right by also creating songs for television. He has been the bass player for the Edgar Winter band for fifteen years. 

Music is the lifeblood for these three individuals. It is their art, and it is meant to be shared with the world.


Music Connection 
"The Underground Railroad offers an exotic, slick brand of pop-rock with your favorite elements of funk. This talented band is skillful in their songwriting and crafty in their arrangements. The Underground have done their "old school" homework too, and infuse it into a modern rock context. The band put it all together with "Everybody Dies," instilling a bit of brooding danger into what is essentially an engaging pop-rock song." MC 

"MISH MASH Mandate: West Coast Cool "  –Mish Mash

"Another Smoking Show at the Joint"  – LA Weekly

"As the title implies, the Underground Railroad once again rocked the house. They played several new songs at this performance, including one of my personal favorites, Daylight. They also thrilled us with a couple familiar songs...Sign your name, and Tired. As always, the boys played to their fullest, and they were so hot, I swear I saw smoke coming off Reggie Ashley's fingers and heard a sizzling sound as they got offstage!"